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May 05 2017


Seven tips for learning French

French Videos
I recently had the chance to interview a woman who has worked being an MBA professor in France and also the United Kingdom. Covered here are her responses, which represent 7 tips for contract teaching in France.

Learning French Videos

What's the paperwork like for being employed as a contract professor in France?Finding a method to work efficiently like a foreigner in France is often as complicated as you decide to allow it to be. As my consultancy is made outside of the European Union and that i don't live in France, I chose to engage with my University clients directly like a third party contractor, with the University contracting me in as a foreign consultancy service through my offshore company. I understand that it may sound just a little complicated but it actually works well in France where the interest in native English language teachers and professors is high and also the social charges to taking you on like a local professional educator are high. By doing this you are paid like a consultant but nonetheless reach teach. If you do go it's a good idea to make use of French videos to learn the language.

What is the pay or salary like for professors in France? How can you get paid?To transact with my Universities, I invoice the schools directly on an hourly pay rate basis. As a contract teacher operating through your own company, you can secure the highest billable rate per hour and also the University secures a low cost “contract teacher”. The Fees offered by the colleges or universities in France typically range from $80 per class to $150 depending on topic and quality of institution. I've discovered the private institutions (as an MBA school) who value practical experience in addition to academic qualifications are often inclined to pay for more.

In my opinion my Universities usually have paid my invoices in a timely fashion and that i have not had need to be worried about late payment. If you're transacting with an offshore company, your offshore bank account ought to be supplied in your invoice.How did you get your first teaching job in France?Well I began with some beginner French videos to obtain a grasp of the language and to secure my the first I learned quickly that research is king! There are many types of learning institutions in France - from private colleges to business schools to Universities, with different specializations. It’s important to investigate the kind of institution that you would like to participate and what skills they are seeking using their academic staff.

For instance, I teach in a French Fashion University on their MBA and Management programs. Naturally they value academic qualifications and teaching experience. However, as their program is very practically orientated, research will highlight that their faculty is made up of experts from over the fashion and luxury industry with a insightful international experience in their area of interest. Therefore, promoting your personal experience in these cases is equally as important.

In my second job I worked inside a traditional Post Graduate enter in one of the Grand L’Ecole’s, I noted that whilst my Academic qualifications and professional experience were important, a greater focus (like any Anglo Saxon University) is positioned on one’s research profile; research funds raised and papers published.
What are best universities to teach at in France? (like a native English speaker)Academic standards vary greatly across France, therefore, for your own personel reputation I recommend researching your desired institution. French Universities are very specialized in terms of academic streams, so thoroughly examining not just their place in their profession and the annual ranking tables, but additionally interviewing past Educators and graduates is crucial. You can do this using tools like LinkedIN.com and using the advanced search on People and also the Academic Institution. The statistics offered through LinkedIN on your target institution can provide valuable feedback in to your decision making.

That which was an interview like?It was a lot like what you see in French movies. To secure my role, I pitched to the Directors and Deans of the Academic programs by email directly. My interviews were really like any typical meeting. They were locked in person and that i secured both of the roles I interviewed for, following the Dean’s receipt of my formal thank you letter.

What sort of technology would you use within the classroom?The Technology avialable differs widely from course to course, even just in Paris, and in my go through the “on campus” technologies were standard. I would recommend having tools of trade that enable you to deliver both multimedia and traditional course happy to an audience as high as 50 students and establishing online communities for everyone your students using the academic course materials if one is not given internally. Do you have to speak French to show in France? What about the other faculty members?If you do not speak fluent French, being a contract member of faculty could be a lonely road. I would highly recommend making the effort to get to know other faculty members in your program.

In 5 years, I met few French faculty members, as the differences in both language and academic culture could be significant. The onus will be on you to proactively reach out, as typically the French are very reserved to newcomers. It's really a lonely road if you allow it to be, however i have found so that it is an enriching and enjoyable experience. When you secure the first teaching job in France, other roles are available through networking along with other Teachers, who often teach at other Universities also. If you can't obtain a job in France then there are also many French speakers in Shanghai China so that you can practice with a couple Chinese videos also.
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